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We repair minor dings, can remove most large dents, reverse hail damage and even some of the deepest creases. We are here for you whenever your automobile gets a dent. Don’t worry about hail damage and the insurance company totaling your vehicle; we have state of the art tools– along with years of professional experience manipulating surfaces to erase some of the toughest dings and dents in cars. We provide affordable auto paintless dent repair in Phoenix Metro Area as well as valley-wide mobile dent repair, servicing Scottsdale clients, as well as popular car auctions in the East Valley.   We believe in providing the highest quality service at a fair price. We know you will see the true value in having a dent repaired by Dingdoctor.

The Ding Doctor Offers Paintless Dent Removal In Phoenix!

We understand your automobile is an investment and realize you would like to maintain the look of your car as long as possible.  That’s why the Ding Doctor delivers Arizona’s residents a COST EFFECTIVE solution your car needs when it comes to repairing your DINGS, DENTS and even HAIL DAMAGE, to like new in a timely manner.


The Ding Doctor was created with 100% honesty and integrity, which you will see right away. Our mission is to provide the highest quality dent repair services in Arizona, while keeping customer satisfaction our number one priority.


We promise you high quality repairs, professional service and affordable prices with the job done RIGHT the 1st time around.
Our 100% money back guarantee will promise you excellent results every time!

Our work is above the rest! Dents other companies had not been able to fix have become invisible after we were done! Unlike taking your vehicle to a body shop, when hiring us to do the repairs, there will be no Car Fax reports. This is a huge plus, as Car Fax reports can have a negative affect when trading or selling your vehicle.


This requires a technician to apply a set of specialized tools designed to sculpt the metal back into its original shape with no damage to the original paint finish.  Hail damage, door dings, minor body creases, and and other dents are primarily what get repaired.  This process does not disturb the paint at all. Common methods of paintless dent repair use metal rods and pick tools to push the dents out from the inside very carefully.  We have over 15 years of auto body experience, and are specially trained in paintless dent removal.

Do I have to bring my vehicle to Ding Doctor for repairs?

–  NO. We provide a mobile service. We come to your home or office.

Can I do it myself effectively?

–  No. Paintless Dent Repair is a technique that can only be done by a trained PDR technician

Do you do paint repair?

– No. Ding Doctor is devoted solely to the technique of paintless dent repair. If you need paint work we will be happy to refer you to a professional paint shop in your area.

Can you repair a rental car door ding?

– Yes. Don’t get charged back by your leasing company from turning in a door-dinged car – you will be charged full body shop prices. Give us a call and we can take care of these before they become an issue – before you turn in your vehicle.

Will I get a higher resale?

– Yes. A buyer is always more apt to buy a clean, well-kept car. Most people judge a car by appearance, so having paintless dent repair done on a car is one of the best ways to get top dollar for you vehicle.

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